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Assessment and outreach to CDMOs in the alternative protein space

4 weeks

Project request

Upon completing the conceptual design study for a cultivated meat facility, our client sought assistance in assessing the capabilities of existing Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) in the cultivated meat, fermentation, and plant-based dairy sectors. They also expressed interest in contacting these organizations to explore potential partnerships and arrange facility visits.

Our work

Our study encompassed a comprehensive overview of the CDMO landscape in the alternative protein space, which includes cultured meat, fermentation, and plant-based dairy. 

To equip our client with a detailed understanding, we leveraged open sources, our network of over 2,200 alternative protein experts, and held dialogues with more than 30 CDMOs to gain deeper insights into their business models, focus areas, and key capabilities. 

This evaluation helped us shortlist 10 organizations with the most promise for future collaborations with our client, such as technology transfers.

Project deliverable

We provided a comprehensive report detailing the backgrounds, services, facilities, and capabilities of the 10 shortlisted organizations. These entities were introduced to our client for possible future collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, we crafted a questionnaire to guide potential visits to these facilities and outlined a visit agenda.
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