Study release: "Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion"
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CSRD: Opportunities for alternative protein leaders in the food & beverage industry
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Turning visions into reality within the alternative protein sector, offering expert transactions and M&A guidance designed for impactful results.​
We offer expert guidance on transactions and mergers & acquisitions to deliver impactful results in the dynamic world of alternative protein investments. We provide a suite of services, including target search, due diligence, value creation planning and corporate venturing. Our approach ensures that your investments are sound, aligned with cutting-edge technological advancements, sustainable, and tailored to fit you as an investor.

We are committed to helping you identify the best investment opportunities, craft plans to maximize returns, and perform thorough analysis during due diligence. 

Join us in shaping a future where investment acumen meets the promise of sustainable profitability in the alternative protein industry.

How we can help

Bright Green Partners helps your company navigate the sustainable food alternatives landscape with insights, guiding every phase of your transaction and M&A journey.​

Target search

We specialize in understanding the sustainable food alternatives industry inside and out, identifying the latest trends, and staying at the forefront of innovations in startups and technology. We are in constant dialogue with startups and have a thorough overview of the ecosystem—identifying where it falls short and where it excels. Our team is dedicated to meticulously identifying the most suitable targets for acquisition or partnership based on our extensive knowledge and research.

Operational and technical due diligence

We conduct a thorough review of current operational processes to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This helps us benchmark efficiency, scalability, and adaptability. We also evaluate the target company's technology to find weaknesses, risks, and outdated systems, and assess their impact on efficiency and upgrades. Our approach combines market insights, regulatory scrutiny, and detailed operational and technological assessments. This gives you a complete picture of your potential investment or partnership, ensuring well-informed and strategic decisions. By addressing both operational and technological aspects, we help you reduce risks and seize growth opportunities.

Commercial due diligence

Our commercial due diligence services provide comprehensive insights to ensure you make informed investment decisions. We analyze market supply saturation levels, demand forecasts, and the competitive landscape to identify opportunities and threats, enabling strategic positioning. Our team provides a detailed summary of applicable regulations, identifying any red flags to safeguard your interests.

We also evaluate the historical performance and financial health of the target company, along with a thorough assessment of the business plan and customer landscape. Through our holistic approach, we equip you with the necessary insights to enhance the success of your investment ventures.

Value creation plan

Value creation planning provides a comprehensive roadmap for increasing value, detailing clear strategies for revenue growth, operational enhancements, cost and margin improvements, and best practices such as sustainability. This approach is designed to drive growth, make your business more profitable and efficient, and ultimately boost performance metrics and shareholder value.


We specialize in connecting corporations with cutting-edge ventures in the alternative protein market, ensuring strategic partnerships that bolster growth and competitiveness.

Our approach is finely tuned to understand the key requirements of corporations, whether they are looking for opportunistic investments in radical innovations or acquisitions that integrate the latest technologies or products into their portfolios. With our deep insights into the alternative protein market, its key players, and the most recent innovations, we expertly guide our clients from the initial target search and selection to thorough due diligence, managing the investment process and seamlessly integrating new ventures into established corporate frameworks. This integration ensures a dynamic blend of startup agility with robust business resources.

Strengthen your position in the alternative protein landscape with our specialized consulting solutions and global expert network.

What to expect

Top-tier strategy 
We provide our clients with project management and project deliveries at the highest quality standards by utilizing our in-house consultants with years of management consulting experience.
Deep industry 
Our extensive experience and laser focus on the topic is the foundation for our in-house knowledge base.
Insights of an 
expert network
We have developed a database of over 2500 on-demand experts, allowing us to tailor the specific expertise needed for each project and collaborate with the leading minds in the industry.
We combine bold thinking with a practical approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into action and delivering results.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

our transactions and M&a team
We’re a global team of top-tier consultants with deep topic expertise in alternative proteins, ready to offer you 360° investment consulting services.
Floor Buitelaar
Managing Partner
Alex Hein
Ruben Smouter
Naomi Kelliher
Senior consultant
Gabriele Angelyte
Matevz Schweiger
Client Feedback
"We asked BGP to prepare a technical due diligence assessment for a potential investment in the cultured meat space. We were very much impressed by the quality of the BGP team, the thorough way of working, the valuable and up-to-date insights they provided and the open way of communication. 

The assessment has helped us in better understanding the challenges of the company in this quickly evolving industry and in structuring a transaction. In many ways BGP outperformed our expectations and we are looking forward to working with them again."
Victor Meijer
Sr. Investment Manager, 
"BGP's robust due diligence and deep technical expertise were pivotal in a number of investment opportunities we investigated, providing the clarity and assurance we needed to form our opinion."
Babar Khan, PhD
Sr. Investment Manager, 
NEOM Investment Fund
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