Study release: "Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion"
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Strategic entry modes into sustainable food alternatives
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Vegan products are no longer confined to the tiny hidden corners of retail stores, and interest in the category is increasing beyond all expectations. From the success of plant-based milk, one of the fastest growing products in retail, to the exponential rise in plant-based product launches by global foodservice giants, the industry is growing rapidly.


Demand is ever increasing and brands are flooding the market, but navigating changing consumer needs is not straightforward, and relying on a range of early-stage startup companies is risky. Retailers and foodservice providers are facing several challenges, from securing reliable vendors and finding exciting new products to consolidating their offerings in a way that is simple for consumers to navigate.

Massive potential

Plant-based is here to stay and stakeholders are in a race: from up-to-date consumer storytelling and category management to setting up private label production, there’s a lot to take care of. The next winners of the field will be able to think in new ways and create holistic strategies that balance traditional consumer needs with the rapidly growing demands of future generations.
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Category management for plant-based foods

Client: Large European retailer
Our client reached out to us with a request for a comprehensive category management strategy.
Latest studies
Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion
This study, co-authored with The Good Food Institute, offers a comprehensive analysis of global plant-based meat manufacturing and strategic recommendations for expanding capacity to meet future demand.
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A corporate guide to alternative protein precision fermentation
This study summarizes the latest developments and opportunities in alternative protein precision fermentation for corporates. It showcases that partnerships are key to success, and highlights a broad spectrum of applications in alternative meat, dairy and egg proteins.
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We help you connect the dots within retail and foodservice so you can confidently navigate the future of meat and dairy every step of the way.
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