Study release: "Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion"
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Strategic entry modes into sustainable food alternatives
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New frontiers

The rapid growth of the alternative protein industry has opened new frontiers for input suppliers. Consumer goods and food processor companies are racing to discover and ensure their supply of key resources ranging from bulk and specialty ingredients to new technology and equipment. Whilst demand is high, the future needs of these companies can be hard to predict.

Proactive exploration

Besides the high demand, the competition is - as it always has been in this field - intense: customers expect to pay the lowest margins possible. In addition, future industry winners not only need to invest in high-scale production to cover buyers’ existing requests, but must also prioritize future exploration in order to predict and meet the rapidly changing needs of end consumers.

Immense potential

There’s an immense potential in alternative proteins for ingredient companies, from tapping into underutilized raw materials that can serve the industry to transforming existing commodity ingredients into value-added solutions. Looking beyond ingredient suppliers, machinery companies also have their part to play in developing infrastructure capable of carrying the alt protein industry into the future. From fractionation and extrusion equipment to bioreactors, the opportunities are countless.
Featured case

Technology scouting for novel binder and fat ingredients

Our client wanted to explore how they could differentiate their plant-based meat products.
Latest studies
Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion
This study, co-authored with The Good Food Institute, offers a comprehensive analysis of global plant-based meat manufacturing and strategic recommendations for expanding capacity to meet future demand.
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A corporate guide to alternative protein precision fermentation
This study summarizes the latest developments and opportunities in alternative protein precision fermentation for corporates. It showcases that partnerships are key to success, and highlights a broad spectrum of applications in alternative meat, dairy and egg proteins.
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Key topics
We help you connect the dots from ingredients to equipment so you can confidently navigate the future of meat and dairy every step of the way.
Ingredient optimization
Novel raw ingredients
Crop development
Bioprocess design
Value added ingredients
Host strain development
Cell line development
Target molecule selection
Cell media
3D printing
Binders & stabilizers
Novel protein
Fats & oils
Shear cell

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