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Strategic entry modes into sustainable food alternatives
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About Us

Accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system.
We envision a world where profit, planet and people thrive in a sustainable balance.
We accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system by providing strategic advice and in-depth due diligence that empowers corporates and investors to lead in the sustainable food alternatives industry.

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At the forefront of alternative protein strategy consulting since 2020.
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Our expertise

Bright Green Partners is a global strategy consultancy with a top tier consulting team powered by a 2500+ expert network and a dedicated focus on sustainable food alternatives. We provide comprehensive strategies, M&A advisory and due diligence for corporate clients and investment firms in the plant-based, fermentation (traditional, enzymatic, biomass & precision), cultivated and molecular farming markets.

We operate globally across the entire value chain, from ingredient suppliers, technology and equipment companies to manufacturers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This combination ensures we provide comprehensive and actionable strategies, helping our clients navigate complex decisions, maximize strategic objectives and investment returns in the sustainable food alternatives sector.

Founder story
Floor Buitelaar
Managing Partner

Born into a century-old entrepreneurial family in the food retail sector, I was immersed in the complexities of commercialization and food systems from an early age. At the age of 12, I committed to a vegetarian lifestyle to inspire healthier and more sustainable diets. This decision profoundly shaped my perspective on the food industry.

My professional journey led me to Dutch retail headquarters, where I gained firsthand experience in the food sector. I recognized the urgent need for a shift toward healthy, sustainable, and affordable nutrition. This realization fueled my drive to transform the industry both personally and professionally.

While freelancing with organizations like Foodvalley, I identified a significant gap: the need for a trusted advisory firm to guide corporates and investors through sustainability journeys. To address this, I founded Bright Green Partners with a vision to create a lasting impact within the food system.

At Bright Green Partners, we empower large corporates and investors globally through advisory work, leveraging existing resources, knowledge, finance, and infrastructure to revolutionize our food systems. This journey, rooted in my personal and professional experiences, drives my commitment to creating a world where profit, planet, and people thrive in sustainable balance.


What to expect

Top-tier strategy 
We provide our clients with project management and project deliveries at the highest quality standards by utilizing our in-house consultants with years of management consulting experience.
Deep industry 
Our extensive experience and laser focus on the topic is the foundation for our in-house knowledge base.
Insights of an 
expert network
We have developed a database of over 2500 on-demand experts, allowing us to tailor the specific expertise needed for each project and collaborate with the leading minds in the industry.
We combine bold thinking with a practical approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into action and delivering results.

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