Study release: "Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion"
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CSRD: Opportunities for alternative protein leaders in the food & beverage industry
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Mastering complexities in the alternative protein space with expertly designed strategies, crafted to drive success and elevate your business through every phase.
We are specialists in crafting sustainable strategies for the food system,
combining strategy consulting with topic expertise and a 2500+ expert network. ​ ​

Our team guides clients through the complexities of the alternative protein
industry via top tier strategy consulting methodologies and deep insights and expertise, enabling our clients to achieve impactful, sustainable growth. ​ ​

We are committed to supporting your company in reshaping the strategy,
fostering both sustainable development and profitability to ensure your company thrives over the next generations.

How we can help

Together we pioneer paths in the alternative protein landscape with strategies designed to unlock value and stimulate growth, leading your business to the forefront of the industry.

Corporate and business strategy

We craft corporate and business strategies that provide a clear direction for your company's future. By aligning market opportunities with your organization's core competencies, we help organizations understand the market and advise on actionable strategies. This approach sets the stage for sustainable competitive advantage and long-term strategic goals that resonate with your overarching corporate vision. Ready for board level presentations and buy-in, our services are central to fostering sustainable growth.

Investment and growth strategy

Our service delineates a path for growth through both organic development and inorganic strategies like market expansion, diversification, and strategic partnerships, as well as mergers and acquisitions. We ensure each step not only supports your investment thesis but also carefully manages associated risks, contributing to steady, scalable growth.

Go to market strategy

Our go-to-market strategies are designed to successfully introduce new products or services to the market. We define target audiences, optimal pricing models, distribution channels, unique selling points, and promotional tactics that resonate with (B2B) consumers, ensuring a successful launch and a strong market presence.​

Market landscape & foresight​

We provide a panoramic view of the current market landscape and forecast future trends, dynamics and market size, enabling informed decision-making and strategic positioning. By understanding emerging patterns, consumer behaviors, and potential disruptions, we equip you with the foresight to navigate market dynamics proactively and strategically shape the future today.​

Innovation strategy​

Tailored to position your organization as a long-term innovative leader in the alternative proteins sector by developing a prioritized innovation strategy. This process involves refining a list of innovations, aligning them with your business competencies and future goals. It is fortified by keen consumer insights and demand analysis, taking into account regulatory factors to ensure that the
innovations meet market needs. Additionally, we build business cases and develop strategic partnerships and collaboration frameworks. This holistic approach ensures that your innovation roadmap is not only prioritized but also actionable and aligned with your growth ambitions in the field of alternative proteins.

Strengthen your position in the alternative protein landscape with our specialized consulting solutions and global expert network.

What to expect

Top-tier strategy 
We provide our clients with project management and project deliveries at the highest quality standards by utilizing our in-house consultants with years of management consulting experience.
Deep industry 
Our extensive experience and laser focus on the topic is the foundation for our in-house knowledge base.
Insights of an 
expert network
We have developed a database of over 2500 on-demand experts, allowing us to tailor the specific expertise needed for each project and collaborate with the leading minds in the industry.
We combine bold thinking with a practical approach that focuses on getting the job done, turning decisions into action and delivering results.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

our strategy team
We're a global team of top-tier consultants with deep topic expertise in alternative proteins, ready to offer you strategy consulting services to meet your specific needs.
Floor Buitelaar
Managing Partner
Alex Hein
Ruben Smouter
Naomi Kelliher
Senior consultant
Gabriele Angelyte
Matevz Schweiger
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