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Privacy policy

Data protection information in accordance with Art. 13 GDPR

As of 01/01/2021

This privacy policy informs you about the processing of your personal data by Bright Green Partners B.V., its departments, and groups. According to Art. 4 no. 1 GDPR the definition of your personal data is all information relating to or referring to your person, in particular by means of assignment to an identifier such as a name or to an organization or personnel number with which your person can be identified.

Personal information and personal data

Throughout your relationship with Bright Green Partners, Bright Green Partners will collect and process relevant information (both in paper format and in digital form). Data may include:

•Master data (name, academic title, address)
•Organizational data (job title)
•Business contact and communication data
•Profile data, certifications, information on school and vocational training, completed training courses for further education and qualification, language skills, other qualifications such as primary, disaster, fire and evacuation helpers
•Application data (application, CV, certificates, evidence of school and vocational training, diplomas)
•Historical data

Purposes of collection and processing

Bright Green Partners collects, processes and uses your personal data exclusively for purposes of referring you as an expert to Bright Green Partners’ clients and for business purposes permitted in connection with our business activities, which are related to your relationship in our company. This includes:

•Processing of applications, e.g. signing up to Bright Green Partners Expert Network
•Execution and termination of the expert relationship
•Exercise and fulfilment of the rights and obligations arising from a law or an agreement
• Determination of performance and performance of management
• Determination of fees
• Compliance with legal requirements, e.g. according to tax law
• Internal administrative and organizational purposes
• Ensuring the security and protection of processing methods and data against unauthorized access, falsification, and unauthorized use
• Protection of facilities, assets, and assets of the company from thieves and other damages

Your data will only be processed for purposes other than those mentioned, when this processing is compatible with the purposes of the expert relationship. We will inform you about such further processing of your data and, if necessary, your consent thereto.

Your privacy rights

Your data protection rights are regulated in Chapter III (Art. 12 ff.) of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to these regulations, you have a right to be informed regarding your stored personal data, the purpose of any data processing, transfer of data to other places and the duration of the storage.

You may also receive extracts or copies to exercise your right of access. If data is incorrect or no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected, you may request that the data is corrected, deleted or restricted. You may also view your data yourself and correct it if necessary, paying accordance to the correct procedures.
If you have questions about your rights, please contact the company.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is based on a legitimate interest of the enterprise acc. to Art.6 Abs.1 f) GDPR.

A legitimate interest may arise, for example, for internal organizational and administrative purposes, for the protection of facilities, assets, and assets of the enterprise as well as the data processing plants and data. A processing of your data is permitted here, if the protection of your interests, fundamental rights, and fundamental freedoms do not prevail.

In individual cases, we can also obtain your consent to the processing or transmission of your data. Your consent in these cases is voluntary and may be revoked by you, unless otherwise agreed, for the future at any time. From a non-consent or a possible later revocation of a consent, you will not incur any disadvantages.

Transmission of your personal information

Your personal data will be transmitted or disclosed to external agencies only insofar as this is prescribed by a legal standard or required to fulfil a contractual relationship involving you (eg tax authorities, banks, auditors) or on the part of Bright Green Partners or an external agency who has a legitimate interest in the above sense and when the transmission is permitted under the data protection regulations.

Your personal data and information may also be disclosed by Bright Green Partners to authorized agents and contractors who provide a service for us, including insurers and consultants, for legitimate purposes, insofar as this is permitted in individual cases under the provisions of data protection law. If your consent or separate information is required for this, we will first obtain your consent or inform you in good time beforehand. Your personal data can also be transferred to service companies for the purpose of carrying out data processing tasks, e.g. for carrying out automated personal data processing or payroll accounting. We will observe the data protection regulations.

For this purpose, specially defined places have limited access rights to your data. A data transfer or disclosure of your data is only to the extent necessary for this purpose in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations. As far as a data transmission in third countries or a revelation to places in third countries takes place, for this, the additional prerequisites are considered. In accordance with these regulations, Bright Green Partners and the processing body have concluded a contract according to the GDPR according to the EU standard contractual clauses.
On the basis of such agreement, the central processing of personal data complies with data protection legislation.

Responsible body for the processing of your personal data

The competent and responsible body for the collection, processing, and use of your personal data is Bright Green Partners B.V. in the Netherlands unless other contractual agreements have been made.

The personal data is stored and processed in personal data processing systems. The technical installation is designed so that only a narrow circle of authorized persons is authorized to access and any other access or other notice of the data according to the state of the art is excluded.

Complaints about the processing of your personal data

If you have any concerns or questions about the processing of your personal information and information, you can contact Bright Green Partners.

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