Study release: "Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion"
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Novel food regulatory frameworks: attracting alt protein innovation
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We can help you understand the industry. And when you’re ready to make it happen, we will be there for you from planning your strategy to building your production - so you can confidently navigate the future of meat and dairy, every step of the way.
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Developing a business strategy for a world-class alt dairy pilot facility, crafting financial models, identifying partners, and delivering a report for partnership discussions.
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Cultivated meat, Fermentation, Plant-based
Cultivated meat, Fermentation, Plant-based
Cultivated meat, Fermentation, Plant-based
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Client Feedback
"BGP provides us essential support to help drive our vision towards practical implementation. The depth of industry insights they bring in, combined with their consistently top-quality work, enables us to confidently navigate this fast-changing field."
George Harrigan
Director of Food and Functional Ingredients
"The BGP team helped us assess the alt protein market and better understand the most promising technologies and ingredients. Beyond providing insights and strategy advisory, they also helped us to strengthen our network in this space."
Steve Chantry
Vice President of International Growth
Kraft Heinz Company
"BGP brought in uniquely deep insights through their professionally strong and reliable networks and a robust consulting framework, which is what we were looking for. Their work has helped us make better strategic and commercial decisions.
We look forward to continuing our partnership."
Yasushi Noguchi
Senior Director 
Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America
"BGP was amongst the first ones we called when we embarked on our alt protein journey. The team did an excellent job organising an engaging workshop series for our key decision makers. They provided a detailed perspective on the industry and helped us identify relevant internal capabilities and resources to leverage."
Andrey Dribny
CEO of Culinary
Latest studies
Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion
This study, co-authored with The Good Food Institute, offers a comprehensive analysis of global plant-based meat manufacturing and strategic recommendations for expanding capacity to meet future demand.
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A corporate guide to alternative protein precision fermentation
This study summarizes the latest developments and opportunities in alternative protein precision fermentation for corporates. It showcases that partnerships are key to success, and highlights a broad spectrum of applications in alternative meat, dairy and egg proteins.
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