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Published May 5th, 2023

Win in precision fermentation: a unique event tailored for ingredient players

We're excited to announce our upcoming webinar and networking event titled "Alternative Protein Precision Fermentation: Food Ingredient Corporate Partnerships".

About the event
In today's rapidly evolving landscape, many B2B Food Ingredient companies have successfully integrated Precision Fermentation capabilities in-house or have forged strategic partnerships with innovative ventures. Examples of such partnerships include Louis Dreyfus & Motif Foodworks, ADM & ScaleUp Bio, and Doehler & Chromologics.

Source: Bright Green Partners' Corporate Guide on alternative protein precision fermentation

The industry is progressing at an unprecedented pace. As technology matures, costs decrease, while many of the operational parameters remain more art than science. Despite the lack of definitive answers to some of the industry's biggest questions, emerging insights are starting to surface, such as:

  • What are the biggest levers to reduce costs?
  • What is the investment required to set up a new facility?

Recognizing that partnerships are crucial to success and that any degree of collaboration demands thorough due diligence, Bright Green Partners is organizing a webinar & networking event focused on B2B Food Ingredient Due Diligence in Precision Fermentation.

What to expect

  • Tailored content specifically for B2B food ingredient corporates interested in precision fermentation. We'll cover both due diligence best practices and the most relevant insights from our recently published Precision Fermentation study, with a focus on partnerships.
  • External perspective from seasoned industry investors (soon to be announced)
  • Expand your network by connecting with the authors of our latest study, investors in the field, corporate leaders, and other attendees who are highly engaged in the precision fermentation industry.

This event is for B2B food ingredient corporate leaders, precision fermentation start/scale-ups, and investors. Whether you're a commercial/strategy leader or a Founder/CEO, this is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and connect with peers in the industry.

Would you like to stay ahead of the curve in the industry and build a unique network? Secure your complimentary ticket now (the ticketing page will open in new tab).

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