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Published March 24th, 2021

The Advent of Alternative Proteins: What This Means for the Food Industry

We stand amid dramatic changes in our long-unchanged food system.

This disruption encompasses rapidly shifting consumer demands – particularly among younger generations – that food is not only tasty and affordable but also healthy and ethical.

Increasing governmental and institutional requirements in the food and agriculture sector towards more sustainable practices, as well as an influx of disruptive technologies, further accelerate these changes.

Considering the global population continues to expand and grow wealthier, a recent report by the UN environment program highlights the adaption of diets towards alternative proteins as the first and most important global driver towards a more sustainable food and agriculture system, reducing the impact of animal farming on biodiversity loss.

Corporates and investors across the agriculture and food value chain have recognized the trend towards alternative proteins representing an essential centre-of-the-plate solution.

While alternative proteins are perceived by most traditional animal farming & processing players as substitutes, ingredient, food chain, and retail players recognize them as an "addition to the pie", and new players entering the value chain like startups, chemical, biotechnology, technology and other players even observed an opportunity for new business.

We see corporates and investors across the value chain following different organic and inorganic models to enter and grow in the alternative protein sector. And we're excited to present you with this five parts article series that examines these growth opportunities with a particular focus on M&A as one primary option to enter and grow in alternative protein markets.
Géza Molnár
Managing Partner of Bright Green Partners
Rapidly Growing and Very Dynamic Global Alternative Protein Market
The global alternative protein market is growing more quickly than ever and becoming increasingly complex.
Traditional food and many other companies are getting in on the action
Learn why many traditional food and biotech companies are starting to embrace the demand for alternative protein products and ingredients.
The Boom of the Alternative Protein Sector: 7 Growth Strategies for corporations
Corporates and investors have a range of options to enter and grow in the alternative protein sector. In this article seven growth strategies that are working well today.
M&A as the predominant way to enter the alternative protein sector
Traditional food companies are turning to acquisitions as a way to enter the alternative protein market. Here's how they do it.
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