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Published December 2nd, 2020

Alt Dairy Conference - The New Wave of Dairy Alternatives

We are delighted to announce that we’re organizing the largest alternative dairy conference of 2021 covering the latest business trends and best practices transforming the future of food. With a special focus on alternatives for dairy applications like cheese, milk and yogurt.

About the program:

  • New wave of consumer end products disrupting dairy industry: Cheese / Milk/ Quark alternatives
  • Food tech, future wave of functional ingredients to increase texture, creaminess and sensory attributes
  • EU Regulatory landscape: labeling, advertising, naming
  • How to protect Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Consumer trends in nutrition, health and sustainability
  • Inspiring keynote on how to be disruptive in alt dairy business
  • Lightning talks from service providers to support food industry
    • accelerating innovation and business
    • how to scale up and commercialize innovation
  • Business opportunities
    • investing in Alt dairy
    • market analysis of alt dairy product categories
    • Startup pitch session

Featured speakers:

  • Anton Pluschke from Vly
  • Michelle Egger from BIOMILQ
  • Brad Vanstone from Willicroft
  • Clémence Landeau from UPDATE Foods Co Ⓥ
  • Sujala Balaji, CFS from Rainfed Foods
  • CFS Noam Dekkers from Planterra Ltd - Naturally Innovative

The video recordings of the conference are now available online:

The event was organized in collaboration with Protein Directory, Cell Agri, OMVE Lab & Pilot Equipment, GFI (The Good Food Insitute), and HGF.

The Future of Dairy: 3 Startups to Watch

Where is the alternative dairy industry heading? What are the upcoming product categories? Who's creating those new products?

Find your answers by check out these shorts presentation of 3 startups working on the future of dairy:

    Comprehensive and sustainable infant nutrition by producing cultured (produced in a lab) breast milk (by Michelle Egger, CEO)
  • Rainfed Foods
    A millet-based smart milk producer (by Sujala Balaji, CEO)
  • Willicroft
    A plant-based cheese for dairy cheese lovers (by Brad Vanstone, CEO)
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