Study release: "Plant-based meat manufacturing capacity and pathways for expansion"
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CSRD: Opportunities for alternative protein leaders in the food & beverage industry
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Thank you for working with us

We highly value your work and availability, and we're looking forward to collaborating more with you in the future.

Important payment details


  • The payment terms are 30 days and start from the date receiving the correct invoice from you via the submit form above.
  • The invoice must be shared latest 4 weeks after your expert call or project involvement.


The invoice must be addressed to:

  • Name: Bright Green Partners B.V.
  • Address: Arcenlaan 34, 5709 RA Helmond, The Netherlands
  • VAT / Tax number: NL861776367B01
  • The invoice must state the agreed amount of payment in € (euros)
  • VAT:
    If your company is not registered in the Netherlands, please state either "VAT is shifted" or "VAT is not applicable," depending on the applicable situation. If you are unsure, consult your accountant for clarification. If your company is registered in the Netherlands, please include the amount of relevant VAT along with the percentage.

  • The invoice must explain your involvement in the project by using one of the following descriptions:
    • "Expert call <insert project name>"
    • "Freelancer on project <insert project name>"
  • The invoice must contain an Invoice number

The invoice must contain information from your side on:

  • The legal name of your company (or you)
  • Official address
  • Tax-number
  • All relevant bank information (see next point)

Banking details

  • Name of your bank
  • Address of your bank
  • IBAN number of your account (if IBAN not available then the account number), and BIC number


  • Payment is done via bank transfer or PayPal (and not via check or similar options)
  • BGP will cover the "sender fee" only
  • BGP will pay in € (euros) only
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