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Published March 23rd, 2021

Plant-based conference for retailers - maximize the potential

  • How to successfully enter and navigate within the plant-based market as a Retailer?
  • How to align your plant-based strategy within your organisation?
  • How to determine quick wins for you?
  • What kind of consumer groups (flexitarian/vegetarian/vegan) are there and what does this mean for you?
  • How to name and label your products?
  • In which categories to focus on & add new products?
  • Which route to follow: blurring or separating the products?
  • Should you ask for a premium or go for competitive prices compared to animal-based products?
  • How much shelf space do you dedicate to brands vs. private label?

These are the questions that we will discuss at our upcoming conference dedicated to Food Retailers.

Protein Directory and Bright Green Partners proudly presents the "Maximizing the potential of plant-based in Retail" online conference. Join us for this half day virtual global conference dedicated to helping Retailers succeed in the plant-based market.

The purpose of the conference

  • To help retailers get clarity in the buzzing plant-based industry
  • To give retailers an initial practical framework that enables you to systematically build a cross-category plant-based strategy.

For who?

Join 50+ food industry professionals and experts at this conference. Our agenda is tailor-made and especially valuable for selected stakeholders of Food Retailers:

  • Commercial & Strategy leaders
  • CSR managers
  • Unit managers
  • Private label managers
  • Category managers
  • Concept development department (branding)


  • Keynote talk by Floor Buitelaar and Geza Molnar (Bright Green Partners)
    What is all the plant-based buzz about? Get an overview of the plant-based food universe and get to understand the drivers of the industry
  • The Retailers perspective: life of a retailer trying to be the first-mover in plant-based by Anette Christensen (Irma)
    How to continuously tackle the demand towards suppliers and consumers to enable a leading role in this fast-moving trend.
  • The steps to creating a successful plant-based assortment by Danielle Mol
    Getting the most out of the shelves: deciding on focus categories, quick wins and opportunities for new product development.
  • Integrating plant-based in your organisation: who should take the lead? by Floor Buitelaar (Bright Green Partners)
    Insights and challenges on how to integrate and align the plant-based strategy successfully into your retail organisation.
  • Ins & outs of vegan labelling by Annemarie Ijkema (V-Label)
  • Veganuary: moving consumers and retailers into the plant-based diet by Toni Vernelli (Veganuary)
  • Shelf Space Strategy, the driving forces for plant-based sales by Auriane Borremans (Retail consultant)
    Insights on the new standards of space planning with the plant based food incomers & the strategic patterns to take away from it.
  • The "vegan-only" retailer's perspective by Vegan Store (AF Blakemore)
    Get insights to how a dedicated vegan-chain taps into a new wave of consumer demand

The video recordings of the event are now available:

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