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Global scouting of cultivated meat startups and industry overview

Project numbers
Technology stacks
8 weeks
featured EXPERTS
Eva Sommer
Founder, tech lead and investor in cell ag companies
Ahmed Khan
Cell biologist and leader of a global cell ag community

Project request

We were solicited by one of the largest global food players to provide a clear perspective on the opportunities and risks in the cellular agriculture industry. They were keen to assess the current maturity level of the industry, and wanted a toolkit that would facilitate further exploration of this new industry in the long term.

Our work

During the first phase of our work, we identified and assessed 100+ players in the cultivated meat industry. In parallel, we conducted a series of expert interviews which provided further insight into the latest developments at every step of the cultivated meat supply chain.

Project deliverable

We provided our client with an up-to-date overview of stakeholders in the industry, including a maturity assessment of each step of the cultivated meat supply chain. Additionally, we developed a roadmap to guide the client through entering the field over the next few years and monitoring the specific “trigger points” that are accelerating the development of the industry.
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