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Cultivated meat


Rapidly evolving

From the public unveiling of the first cultivated meat prototype in 2013 to the 100+ companies working in the field today, the cellular agriculture industry has evolved rapidly.

Chance for innovators

Competition is heating up and a few companies are even ready to go to market. The hard reality, however, is that early cell ag innovators are required not only to engineer their own products, but also to build the supply chain itself. On top of this, the major challenge of the industry, economic and technological scalability, remains to be solved.

Hybrid formulations

Beyond the numerous hurdles, the ultimate potential of cellular agriculture is immense: cultivated meat with identical sensory qualities and an improved nutritional profile compared to animal counterparts has vast potential to disrupt animal farming. In addition to full-cultivated end-products, cultivated ingredients like fat and collagen have the potential to significantly improve current plant-based products through “hybrid” formulations.
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Cultivated meat startup scouting and industry overview

client: Top 10 global FMCG
Our client reached out to provide them a clear perspective on the opportunities and risks in the cellular agriculture industry.
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We help you connect the dots within the cellular agriculture industry so you can confidently navigate the future of meat and dairy every step of the way.
Ingredient optimization
Bioprocess design
Cell line development
Cell culture media
Consumer acceptance
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