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Techno-economic feasibility study to create the world’s largest alternative meat and dairy industry park

Project numbers
6 weeks
featured EXPERTS
Owen Ensor
Strategy consultant and alt protein specialist
Matt Tom
Engineer & consultant on scale-up and manufacturing

Project request

Our client requested us to help them turn their vision to a practical roadmap by undertaking a comprehensive techno-economic feasibility study of what was to be the world’s largest alt protein food park. The food park was to house several alternative meat and dairy production facilities utilizing a breadth of plant-based, fermentation and cellular agricultural technologies, all strictly respecting a circular production model.

Our work

For the success of this highly complex project, it was crucial for us to develop a deep understanding of a broad variety of ingredients, products, markets, technologies and regulations. In order to deliver on these factors, we combined our extensive in-house knowledge base with insights from a broad range of leading international experts in food, ingredients, commerce and manufacturing. Due to the multitude of variables involved, we provided our client with a fast-paced dynamic project approach where we divided our work into 2-week sprints and delivered our results in 3 iterations.

Project deliverable

We delivered a comprehensive report including the detailed techno-economical assessment of the food park setup (incl. operating model setup and cost & investment structure), the assessment of soft success factors (incl. R&D and supply partnerships, qualified personnel etc.) and an integrated sustainability and circular economy concept with estimated impact (on water, energy, biomass savings etc.).
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